11 Speed Chain

OneUp Components 11-Speed Black Ti-N Chain from YBN. 

We selected this high performance Ti-N and Teflon coated chain for its excellent durability and corrosion resistance. 122 link custom length ensures compatibility with all modern wide range cassettes and larger front chainrings.
The narrower plate spacing of this chain provides better 1X chain retention than Shimano 11-speed chains while still being compatible with both SRAM and Shimano 1x11 setups.


      • 122 links for wide range 10-50T Shark compatibility (Chain Length Calculator Chart -Here)
      • Compatible with both Shimano and  SRAM 11 Speed systems
      • Weight: 280g/122 Links
      • Colour: Black (Limited numbers available in Gold for all your bird of prey lovers!)
      • Quick link ***included at base of the chain box