V2 Dropper Post - 27.2

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V2 Dropper Post - 27.2

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A dropper post is one of the best upgrades you can make to your drop bar bike.

Whether you are winning the Milan-San Remo on a road bike or bombing down your local single track on your gravel bike - the award-winning OneUp Dropper Post gives you the advantage you need for whatever the task.

Product Specs

Drop: 90mm, 120mm non-adjustable*

Stack Height: 33mm (Compressed | All Posts)

Diameter: 27.2

Weight: 90mm 377g / 120mm 435g

*Travel reducing shims are not available for the 27.2 version of our V2 Dropper Post.

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What's in the Box
  • Dropper Post
  • 1x cable barrel end
  • 1x packet of light suspension grease

*Dropper remote, bar clamps, and additional colored remote thumb pads all sold separately.

*Add the Cable & Nut Kit to set this post up with drop bar levers (Non cable clamping remotes). Includes a cable clamping barrel end.

Things you Should Know
  • 2-year warranty
  • Proven reliability
  • Easy to install, maintain and service at home
  • The 27.2 version of our V2 Dropper Post cannot be shimmed and does not feature stepless adjustability
Dropper Post Travel:90mm
Only 1 left in stock!


Bike Radar

Proven to be exceptionally reliable.


The OneUp dropper post is hard to beat.

MBR | Mountain BIke Rider

One of the best and easily deserves top marks.

Vital MTB

Consistent, flawless performance.


Can the 27.2 post be shimmed down like the v2 dropper?

The 27.2 Dropper cannot be shimmed. It is available in 2 lengths: 90mm and 120mm.

Is there an externally routed version of this post?

We do not have a externally routed dropper post.

Are the seat clamps compatible with oval carbon rails?

Yes, our seat clamps are fully compatible with 7x9mm & 7x10mm carbon seat rails.

I can rotate my seat side to side, is this normal?

Yes, some rotational movement is normal in the our dropper posts. With so many different frames, clamps, tolerances, and ride heights it's not possible to ship play-free, without running the risk of binding, as all dropper posts require keyway clearance. This small amount of movement, although noticable, with not be percievable while riding. If you are finding you have more movement that preferred, or additional movement is developing over time we have the Oversized pin kit to tune this movement out of you post. Most setups do not require the additional spacing of the oversized pins, but we can definitely provide them if required. Please email support@oneupcomponents.com for assistance.

How regularly should I service my dropper post?

It is recommended to do a upper bushing clean and grease every 25hrs or riding, a clean and grease service every 75-100hrs of riding, and a full rebuild every 250-350hrs of riding.

Will this post be compatible with my road/gravel lever?

Most road/gravel controls have the cable heads at the lever. For these set ups, you can purchase the Dropper Cable/Nut Kit. It comes with a cable bushing that can clamp a cable. With this you can run the head of the cable into the controls as normal and then install the clamping bushing onto the end for the actuator to hold.

Can I change just the lower tube to make my current dropper fit my new bike?

Unfortunately, we do not have lower tubes available for sale.

Do you have a minimum weight for these posts?

No defined minimum weight. We have riders as light as 25Kgs riding them. They may need to give it a bit extra push down to actuate the post. It is also important to note that the V3 remote has lighter action which is ideal for lighter riders.


27.2 V2 Dropper Install Instructions
27.2 V2 Dropper Install Instructions


27.2 V2 Dropper Service Instructions (Rebuild)
27.2 V2 Dropper Service Instructions (Rebuild)


27.2 V2 Dropper Post Exploded View & Parts List
27.2 V2 Dropper Post Exploded View & Parts List


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