Review: OneUp RAD cage and 42/16T sprocket combo

Simple, light and, if you choose your chainring wisely, enough gears for 98% of most people’s riding. - 26 November 2015


TEST: OneUp Components - new teeth for your bike

Personally, we can recommend OneUp Components, (for their) quality workmanship and design on a high level. - 4 November 2015


OneUp Components Chainguide

Eliminate dropped chains forever and more than double your chainring life with the new OneUp Components  Chainguide.

Pinkbike - 20 August 2015




With the new OneUp Components Chainguide, the brand branches just outside the moving parts of your drivetrain with a very light, very adjustable and very easy to install chain retention device.

Bikerumor - 21 August 2015



At only 35g the OneUp guide weighs less than a sip of water. - 21 August 2015 


OneUp drops new chainguide

The cleanest and lightest fully compatible ISCG05 top guide on the market – Never drop a chain again!

Spoke Mag - 21 August 2015 


OneUp Components cranks out 35g chain guide for 1x users

Clever ISCG05-mount guide for Narrow Wide chainring users

Bike Radar - 20 August 2015


OneUp Components Chainguide

OneUp Components has been making some stellar products and they’ve got a new lightweight 35gram 1x ISCG-05 chainguide that Richie Rude and Team Yeti have been running with some great success.

Sick Lines - 22 August 2015


OneUp Components Chainguide

OneUp Components have forged a path upgrading our drivetrains, it seems like only yesterday we were bodging double rings and 1×10 was just a pipedream.

Wideopenmag - 22 August 2015


OneUp Components offers lightweight chainguide

OneUp Components' new Chainguide weighs just 35 grams and is designed to be easy to install and adjust.

Bicycle Retailer - 21 August 2015



All new ovalized chainrings called the Traction Ring. It’s clocked at 115º with 12% ovality, a position and design they came to after testing for 10 months.

Bikerumor - 29 July 2015


Clean More Climbs with a OneUp Components Traction Ring

Oval chainrings are nothing new, but OneUp are putting a new twist on the concept by optimizing the "clocking" of the power zones for mountain bike riding, as well as the chainline and the number of teeth.

Vital MTB - 30 July 2015


OneUp chainrings and sprocket wheels

Toothed wheels for making your bike go more betterer. Some for the front, and some for the back. There’s a MONSTER 45T cassette sprocket. The idea is not to give you an easier granny, but to give you the same range with a larger front ring so you can go MOAR FASTERERER!

Singletrackworld - 31 July 2015


OneUp Your Shimano 11 Speed Drivetrain

OneUp your Shimano 11-speed drivetrain with the new 45T sprocket for XT/XTR (M8000/M9000) Cassettes. Get a perfect shifting, truly wide range, Shimano 1x11 setup, with the OneUp 45T expander sprocket and narrow wide chainring.

Pinkbike - 27 April 2015



First Look: OneUp Introduces 45 Tooth Sprocket for Shimano Cassettes

The new 45 tooth expander sprocket opens up Shimano XT/XTR (M8000/M9000) to a wider range of users when set up with a single chainring by extending the cassette from 11-40 to 11-45 teeth.


Vital MTB  - 27 April 2015




OneUp Components Adds 45-Tooth XTR 9000 Cog

If you thought their 44T cog for SRAM’s cassettes was big, OneUp Components has pushed oversized cassette cog adapters to the next level with a 45-tooth cog for the new Shimano XTR M9000 and XT M8000 groups.  - 27 April 2015


OneUp Components 45T XTR Sprocket

OneUp components have identified a niche, they believe, and they’re going to fill it: introducing the 45T XTR sprocket system! - 27 April 2015


OneUp Components launches 45-tooth range expander sprocket for Shimano XTR

OneUp Components comes to the rescue with a new 45-tooth add-on cog – plus XTR-specific narrow-wide chainrings – which adds 12.5 percent to the total range and puts the modified XTR setup nearly on even footing with SRAM XX1. - 27 April 2015

OneUp Introduces Shimano 11 speed 45t cog and narrow wide XTR M9000 compatible BCD chain ring

Get a perfect shifting, truly wide range, Shimano 1×11 setup, with the OneUp 45T expander sprocket and narrow wide chainring. - 28 April 2015


News: Extend Your New XTR with the OneUp 45-Tooth Cassette Cog

The new 45T add on ring sets your bike up nicely for a 1×11 - 28 April 2015


OneUp Components 45T XTR Sprocket

OneUp your Shimano 11 speed drivetrain with the new 45T sprocket for XT/XTR (M8000/M9000) Cassettes. - 27 April 2015



OneUp 44T X-Cog - Review

The OneUp X-Cog widens your entire gear range, and will let you climb up anything that your skillset will let you scale

Pinkbike - 15 April 2015



OneUp Components Releases X-Cog & SDM Narrow Wide Rings

OneUp sets their sights on the 1×11 market, offering two products to compliment SRAM’s popular drivetrains

Enduro Magazine - 15 April 2015


OneUp Goes Bigger with New 44-Tooth XX1 Replacement Cog

OneUp Components might just have the best solution yet with their new XX1 compatible 44 tooth cog - 15 April 2015


OneUp Components 42T Sprocket, Narrow Wide Chainrings and RADr Cage Review

The OneUp Components RADr cage for Shimano derailleurs and their 40T/42T extended range cog and narrow wide chainring make for an excellent low-cost alternative to a full-fledged 1x11 system

Grams Light Bikes - 18 March 2015


First Look: OneUp Components DH Block

It may be the ticket for riders looking for a less expensive alternative to SRAM's X01 DH

Pinkbike - 16 February 2015


First Look: OneUp Components DH Block

A nifty way to convert an existing cassette into a DH-specific "block"

VitalMTB - 16 February 2015


Shift less, whip more with the new DH Block from OneUp Components

For those who have decided fewer gears are for them but don’t want to plunk down a big chunk of change for X01 DH - 15 February 2015


OneUp Components DH Block

Now they’ve set their sights on the DH market, with the OneUp Components DH Block that mimics SRAM’s XO1 DH group set. - 17 February 2015


OneUp Components DH Block

Purveyors of all things adaptive when it comes to drivetrains, OneUp Components have now released a kit for making your own X01DH-a-like without the expense of swapping out and replacing everything. - 17 February 2015


OneUp Components DH Block

Sometimes more is less. If you’re looking to reduce your rear cluster to a more DH/Gravity oriented setup, OneUp Components has launched a new component called the DH Block that allows you to run 6 or 7 speeds. - 17 February 2015


OneUp Components DH Block

Upgrade your downhill bike to a 7 speed DH specific drivetrain. Shift Less, Whip More. - 17 February 2015


OneUp Components DH Block

Less is more, Certainly that’s true with some elements of a modern DH bike. If some kid ever asks you “How many gears has it got mate?” you can proudly say “Seven… and it barely cost anything”. - 17 February 2015


Pinkbike Awards: Best Value Product

For offering a simple way to reap the benefits of a 1x drivetrain at a fraction of the cost, OneUp Components earns the Pinkbike Award for Best Value Product.

Pinkbike - 9 January 2015



A first look at our new XTR M9000 compatible narrow/wide chainrings. - 5 February 2015


Review: OneUp Components 40T Sprocket

OneUp has made a great line of products that improves the riding experience

Bermstyle - 5 December 2014


Tested OneUp Components 42T Sprocket

A useful and good value helping hand for the hills

Bike Radar - 5 November 2014


Tech Tip - OneUp RAD Cage

A One Up cage – to go along with your expansion ring – makes a lot of sense and is well worth the effort

UK XC News - 16 October 2014


Tested OneUp Components RAD Cage

RAD Cage delivers exactly what it promises, i.e. considerably faster and more precise shifting


Dirt Magazine - 22 Sep 2014




OneUp Components RAD Cage


No matter what wide-range cog you're using, get yourself a OneUp RAD Cage. It makes all the difference.  - ND

VitalMTB - 22 Aug 2014


Just In - OneOneUp Components Shimano RAD derailleur cage

The RAD cage is a great addition to their 16T and 40/42T extended system, and it significantly improves shifting. - BM

Grams Light Bikes - 15 Aug 2014


OneUp Components RAD Cage - Review

In a blind test, it's unlikely that you would be able to guess that the cassette and derailleur have been modified in any way – the shifting performance is that flawless.  - MK

Pinkbike - 5 Aug 2014



More chain wrap means better performance and longer cassette life - TB

Bike Rumor- 23 June 2014



OneUp Components Rad Cage

In the cut and thrust of a race I definitely noticed the improvement in shifting across the cassette with the Rad Cage - JH

NSMB - 22 June 2014 


Review: OneUp 42-Tooth Sprocket

One awesome side effect of this expanded gear range is that I gained some climbing confidence and found myself attempting climbs I never would have dreamed of before - CP

Singletracks - 12 June 2014


Review: Oneup Components’ Wallet-Friendly One-by Hack

you’d be crazy not to give the OneUp a go - VF



42 zubů od OneUp Componets

FREERIDE.CZ - 3 Apr 2014



REVIEW: OneUp Components 42T Cog

the benefits of a lighter, simpler, quieter drivetrain when going 1×10 11-42 range will appeal even to the stronger, race-competitive rider - TT

ATTACKmtb - 12 Apr 2014




It shifts so well and keeps the transitions so close to normal that it’s eventually forgotten about - TB

Bike Rumor- 6 Apr 2014


Piñón de 42t OneUp Components. La corona real

Bicimag - 25 Feb 2014


XX1 Alternative: Shimano 1×10 Wide Range Conversion featuring the OneUp Components 42t

At $100, the cassette hop-up solution offers almost all the benefits of 1×11 systems at a fraction of the cost. - 21 Feb 2014



Corona 42T OneUp Components

È una semplice soluzione ben pensata per chi vuole montare un monocorona pedalabile, che strizza l’occhio a tanti enduristi.- MT

MTB-MAG.COM 10 Feb 2014


OneUp Components 42T Sprocket - First Look

For those of you looking to expand the range of your drivetrain, without having to expand you budget the OneUp 42t sprocket could be the one. - 6 Feb 2014



First Look: Installation of the 42T OneUp Components Sprocket

Upgrading your existing cassette is easy and enables most of the advantages of a 1x-chainring drivetrain at a fraction of the XX1s costs 

Enduro-mtb - 30 Jan 2014



OneUp 42 Tooth Cog: Hands On

My knees just breathed a sigh of relief - JH

NSMB - 22 Jan 2014



First Look: One Up 42t Sprocket

Shifting from the 36t to the 42t is trouble free and doesn't seem to be a problem jumping the 6 teeth - BK

Spoke Magazine - 6 Jan 2014



OneUp Components 42-tooth Cog for Ten-Speed Cassettes - Reviewed

OneUp's 42-tooth cog is the missing link that riders who swear by one-by-ten drivetrains have been waiting for. - RC

Pinkbike - 1 Jan 2014



Just In: OneUp Components 42 Cog for 1×10 Drivetrains

I think this simple system, with its low-cost and fewer part swap outs will appeal to a lot of people. - BM

MTBR - 13 Dec 2013




When it came to adjusting the derailleur, I’m honestly surprised at how easy it was. Somehow I expected it to be more involved to get it to shift properly, but I was happily mistaken. - ZO

Bike Rumor- 10 Dec 2013