OneUp Dropper Post Selector - Step 4

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Subtract your current 'B' from the Effective length (EL) of the OneUp post you would like to run to get your required Insert Length (IL)

OneUp Components Dropper Post Selector A dimension Collar to Rail

OneUp EL values:

OneUp 170x450mm,  EL = 450mm

OneUp 160x440mm,  EL = 440mm (170x450mm shimmed down 10mm)

OneUp 150x410mm,  EL = 410mm 

OneUp 140x400mm,  EL = 400mm (150x410mm shimmed down 10mm)

ie. If your current 'B' dimension is 240mm and you want a OneUp 170x450mm post. Subtract 240mm from 450mm to get a required insert length of 210mm

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     OneUp EL                   Your 'B'                    Required  IL

Next follow the steps below:

  • Remove your current post completely
  • Find/borrow a rigid post (or use a tape measure if you can't find one)
  • Wrap tape around the rigid post a distance of 'IL' from the post bottom
  • Try to insert it into your frame

The rigid post inserted the full 'IL' length - Congrats the post you want will fit just fine.  Go to the product page here to order.

My post was NOT able to be pushed in by the 'IL' amount. Pick a shorter OneUp post and repeat Step 2