I want to store the EDC tools in my steerer tube, what do I need to order? 
  • You will need to tap your forks steerer.  This means you will need an EDC Tap Kit and an EDC Top Cap as well as the tool
Can I use the Top Cap storage without having to buy the Tap kit?
  • Only if you have access to an EDC Tap Kit through your local shop or a friend
Will the tools fit in both pumps? 
  • The full EDC tool system will fit inside the 100cc pump, the EDC tool system without storage canister/C02 will fit inside the 70cc pump.
What are the dimensions of the pumps?
  • 32mm dia x 178mm for the 70cc
  • 32mm dia x 254mm for the 100cc
Is there a C02 inflation head in the EDC tool system?
  • the C02 inflator comes equipped on both EDC Pumps