Dropper Remote Clamps & Adapters

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Dropper Remote Clamp:22.2 Flat Bar Clamp
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Depending on the variant selected, these clamps/adapters allow users to mount their OneUp Components Dropper Remote (V2 or V3) to their Shimano I-SPEC-II brake lever (I-SPEC-II Adapter), Avid/SRAM MMX bar mount (SRAM MMX Adapter), Shimano I-Spec EV (I-Spec EV Adapter), flat bars (22.2 Clamp), or drop bars (31.8 clamp).

  • The SRAM MMX, Shimano I-Spec EV, and the I-SPEC-II Adapters are not a clamps - these adapters allows the mounting/attachment of the remote body to a riders pre-existing clamp/brake mount.
  • The 31.8 Clamp and the 22.2 Clamp are stand-alone clamps - these clamps allows the mounting/attachment of the remote body to a riders bars who do not have or do not want to attach the dropper remote body to a pre-existing clamp/brake mount.
  • This product does not contain a remote body.
  • This product is not a universal product, it will only work to attach/mount a OneUp Components Dropper Remote body (V2 or V3).
  • The 31.8 Adapter is for use with drop bars only.

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